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The God of Destruction's First Errand ( () (かい) (しん) はじめてのおつかい Hakaishin Hajimetenōtsukai?) is the fourth chapter of Hakaishin Magu-chan by Kei Kamiki.

Plot Summary

Magu has destroyed Ruru's alarm clock due to being annoyed by it, and Ruru is about to be late because of it. She tells him to stop using lasers so he does not lose weight over everything and rushes out of the house to get to school. The god misunderstands that Ruru is not impressed because his his power is weak, and now wants to show his true power to her. And inn order to do that he would need to get food. When he goes to the fridge, he sees two packets of pudding.

Later, school ends for Ruru, and on the way home she remembers that she had pudding from yesterday and intends to split them with Magu. She comes home to be greeted with a jelly-shaped Magu. She immediately realises he must have the pudding, and finds out he had both of them. Ruru slaps him and hangs him outside of the house once again. While still believes he will need to impress her in order to win her over as a disciple, he decides that getting the pudding will work. With that, his first errand begins.

On the way, he wonders where to get pudding, and instead finds Naputaaku, who is very hungry and being followed by the crabs. Magu insults him, and Naputaaku immediately tries to challenge him, but is defeated immediately. The crabs are worried for their leader but Magu instead gets them to lead him to the shops by using Naputaaku's signature as proof of his submission. Meanwhile, at Ruru's house, Ruru is still upset about Magu eating up her pudding and will not forgive him until he apologises. She goes to call him for dinner, but finds Magu gone.

Finally, Magu reaches the supermarket. He promises to give the crabs a reward later. He thinks that he would get them easily, but is quickly met with shut automatic doors, which Magu mistake for a forcefield. The first option is to blast through them, but he remembers Ruru telling him not to and decides to think of another way to get in. But then, Ren sees him and asks what he is doing. As usual, neither are happy to see each other, but then Ren asks why Ruru is not with him. Magu explains the events thus far.

Magu asks for his assistance, and Ren tries to decline, but he brings up the deal they made in Chapter 2 to get him to help, it works. Ren goes to buy them, but Magu stops him because he wants Ruru to recognise his feats. He asks what Magu wants him to do, but the god answers that he does not need to do anything but hand over the contents of his bag.

Inside of the convenience store, a shopkeeper is grumbling about his inability to make it in the city as a band member, and wishes for something out of the ordinary to happen. A new customer enters, and it is Magu dressed in Ren's gym uniform. Magu praises himself, for being able to blend in with humans, in actual fact the shopkeeper is too dumbfounded to speak. He notices the pudding on the shelf and takes all of it away, and the shopkeeper tries to stop him for payment. He realises that humans do use money, and drops various offerings from the humans six-hundred years ago, before leaving. The shopkeeper quits his job the next day and starts a death metal band in Tokyo that worshipped the one-eyed alien "Fujisawa", and gets a small, cultlike following. However, Magu nor Ren ever find out.

The mission is successful, Magu rewards Ren with one pudding for helping, and he returns home. He is about to show the pudding he got, but a sobbing Ruru hugs him and apologises for punishing Magu earlier. Magu does not understand why she changed her mind without doing anything. Ruru says that she thought had run away. Once, when she was little, she was locked out of the house because they were mad, and her mum finally opened the door when Ruru cried. She wonders if this is how she felt back then.

He does not really know or care, and presents the pudding. Ruru is surprised that he managed to get them and lays on the praise as soon as he asks for it. They have dinner together and the two make up, things return to normal.

Naputaaku is still suffering on an empty stomach, but the crabs find him and gift him with a pudding, the reward that Magu promised them. He is touched to have gotten the gift.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Magu destroys Ruru's alarm.
  • He eats both of Ruru's puddings, and gets punished.
  • Magu then sets off to go and get pudding back.
  • Naputaaku challenges him and is swiftly defeated.
  • Ruru finds out Magu is gone.
  • His minion crabs show Magu to the supermarket.
  • He masquerades as a human and manages to buy the pudding.
  • The shopkeeper who witnesses quits his job this starts a heavy metal band.
  • Magu comes home and Ruru apologises for leaving him outside.
  • They make up.
  • Meanwhile, Naputaaku gets pudding from his minions.