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Magu Menueku (マグ=メヌエク Magu Menueku?), also referred to as Magu-chan (マグちゃん Magu-chan?) by Ruru Miyanagi, is a member of the Gods of Chaos as the God of Destruction ( () (かい) (しん) Hakaishin?). After a war against humans who sealed him for 600 years, he was rediscovered by Ruru.


Magu has the appearance of a pink and small one-eyed tentacle creature, with floppy ears and three fingered hands. However, throughout the manga, it is shown that he has shapeshifting abilities (limited to only his shape and not anything else such as texture or other biological factors) and his appearance can completely melt upon meeting extreme heat (shown in the chapter with the onsen, where his body has completely melted and stretched).

In the chapter where Ren is trying to retrieve the "the book of the destruction disciples' blood oaths" (more known as the BFF book) and in the chapter where Ruru and Ren had to go into Magu in order to completely cure him of his sickness, it is shown that the area within Magu is a complete void of nothingness (excluding his skin that manifests as the ground) where he can store various miscellaneous items.


Despite his inferior form, Magu is as pretentious and unctuous as he was in his prime. He enjoys ordering Ruru around; especially for his favorite food, Natto.


  • In the manga, it is also mentioned that he is the first pillar amongst the gods of chaos, most likely implying that he may have been the strongest of the gods of chaos back in his hayday.



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