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Rui Miyanagi ( (みや) (なぎ) () () Miyanagi Rui?) is a supporting character in Magu-chan: God of Destruction and the mother of Ruru Miyanagi.


Rui appears to be of average height, standing slightly taller than Ruru, and her face and hair color resemble that of her daughter's. However, her hair is longer and straighter than Ruru's and gradually grows shorter near the back of her head. She has prominent sideswept bangs that slightly curl upwards near the ends.

Rui dresses casually, often wearing a light-colored sweater and a long, dark skirt, plus a winter coat when outdoors. She is also seen wearing Ruru's gifted scarf at all times. When working, Rui dons a pair of glasses with oval rims.


Rui has a very carefree attitude, similar to Ruru. She often cracks jokes and is quite friendly, easily befriending Magu Menueku and earning his acknowledgement on the first day they meet.

Additionally, Rui is a very hard worker and travels abroad to work and earn a stable wage so she can pay for Ruru's college tuition. She is aware that her being away causes Ruru to be lonely, and as such she is thankful to Magu-chan for being Ruru's friend.


Ruru Miyanagi

Ruru is Rui's daughter, and the two share a very close relationship. Ruru shows a great deal of love and care towards her mother, even opting to live alone so Rui could follow her dream of working abroad and earn money for the family. Ruru considers her mother to be her greatest role model, and Rui strives to become a mother Ruru can proudly look up to.

Rui also appears to dislike how her daughter worries about saving money and scolds her for her various money-conserving habits.

Magu Menueku

Upon first meeting Magu-chan, Rui shows no surprise at his form and instead jokes that he looks tasty, shocking him. Magu-chan is initially wary of Rui after hearing about how much Ruru looks up to her, but he gradually begins to acknowledge her after Rui signs his friendship book and asks him to befriend many others, which she expresses as "world domination." Rui is grateful to Magu-chan for taking care of Ruru when she can't be there for her, and she appreciates him being there to listen to her thoughts.


  • Rui's exact occupation is unknown, but she works in the field of medicine.[1]
  • Rui's choices of gifts are questionable, according to Ruru.[2]



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