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Ruru Miyanagi ( (みや) (なぎ) () () Miyanagi Ruru?) is the main protagonist of Magu-chan: God of Destruction. She is in her second year of middle school, and is currently a member of the Occult Research Club.


Ruru has long, orange hair and turquoise eyes. She wears a typical sailor uniform outfit, which is white with nave-blue stripes, and a nave-blue tie and skirt.


Having been a lonely person in the past, Ruru is a friendly girl who is driven to help others in a similar situation. She is unafraid to point out when others are hurting and will stand by them even if they don't ask for it, regardless of if they're a god, going as far as to hit the person in question. It also extends to pointing out that their ideals are not completely right.

Ruru can also be seen as rather naive due to taking Magu and the other higher beings lightly, but this is because she wants to avoid conflict and would rather everyone else get along. Even if the parties are in a century-long feud, she will always see the brighter perspective. Ruru genuinely cares for her friends and always appreciates their help, but she will not poor actions slide for being her friend, often hanging Magu up as punishment for destroying things or otherwise breaking rules. When she realises she has been too harsh, she will openly admit it to the other person. Her selfless nature leads her to not rely on other people, whether it she's sick or has economic problems.

Since Ruru has lived near the sea for a long time, the girl possesses a great sense for searching the beaches for clams, beating others in her craft easily. Her abnormal amount of skill and passion extends to new things as well, becoming so invested that she is oblivious to everything else around her.


  • Clam Finding - Ruru's hobby is exploring the beaches for clams, finding them to cook food. She has gained great sense for finding them, managing to best completely best Magu and Naputaaku with twenty-one clams collected in ten minutes.
  • Fishing - Despite never going deep-sea fishing before, Ruru developed borderline instinctive abilities from the get-go, catching three fishes in one go on her first try. She claimed to have 'become one with the sea' to do this, which shows her experience in regular fishing. Her skill was even quickly recognized by their experienced fisherman. However, Ruru became so engrossed that she started to talk and act like a seasoned fisher as their ship was starting to sink.


  • Ruru is able to perform jump serves, as shown in Chapter 1.
  • Until meeting Magu, she lived alone.
  • Ruru's blood type is O.
  • Her favourite hobby is reading shoujo manga.
  • Her favourite foods are fish, rice and natto.
  • Her favourite place is where you can see the ocean.
  • She is not very wealthy.
  • She likes shaved ice.
  • Her father died when she was little, while her mum works on the other side of the sea.
  • Ruru is in the same class as Kikyo Komiyama and Yuika Oze.


  • "I know how hard it is to be alone! If you need help, then rely on me! Otherwise, you're making me lonely!"
  • "Destroy? Not quite, Magu-chan. Your power...isn't one of destruction at all!"
  • "I'd just be happy getting alone with you."
  • "You are really so dependable. Thanks for always helping me out."
  • "Then this means you've been reunited with your friend after 600 years. I'm so happy for you, Magu-chan!"
  • "I said whoever gets the most clams wins! Too baad! Them's the Ruru rules!"
  • "You are the absolute woooorst!!"
  • "I think it's great to have something you like. Thanks for opening up to me about it, Kyo!"